Meet Amanda


I’m Amanda, wife, mother and founder of Style Supply Co.

Although my background is in real estate, my passion for all things unique and stylish led me to launching my own business in August 2017. Living in regional Victoria shouldn’t mean we have to resort to online shopping to source what we need. Style Supply Co offers a space to touch, feel, smell and try on all the things you would fall in love with online.

My penchant for retail comes from my mother who ran a baby boutique store in a popular tourist town in Yarrawonga, Victoria. Growing up in a retail environment gave me valuable insight into the world of sourcing beautiful pieces and seeing the joy it brings to customers.

As a mother of three children, I draw on my own experience to recommend what’s important and required for expecting mothers, joining them on the journey into motherhood.

I particularly enjoy assisting mothers to feel good about themselves post childbirth by expressing themselves through the clothes they wear. Motherhood is a challenging and yet rewarding role and I am a firm believer that what we wear has the ability to makes us feel confident and empowered, two qualities that make for a happier mother.

I am a supporter of slow fashion and want my customers to feel comfortable to choose their own style.

Where possible, I have sourced products from Australian businesses that provide quality products - some even handmade.

I hope you enjoy the products just as much as I do.

- Amanda xxx